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“With this app we have the pregnancy of our mares completely under control! The vet fills in the data effortlessly and our stable staff is always informed.”

Rens VrolijkStal V-Team

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If, in addition to the questions + answers below, there are still uncertainties about the use of the app, you can contact us via the buttons below. We are happy to help you with your questions, comments or feedback.

Is FiliumApp only for the birth of foals?

No, all events that are relevant in the run-up to the birth of your foal are standard in FiliumApp. However, you can also use FiliumApp to add your own events such as the arrival of the farrier or an extra vet visit.

Can I share FiliumApp with multiple people?

Yes, FiliumApp can be shared with, for example, your vet. However, the professional version will be needed for that.

Can I use FiliumApp for multiple mares?

Yes, you can enter as many mares as you want.

Can I also add my pregnant horse afterwards?

Yes, of course. You can enter all data afterwards. All you need to know is the date your horse ovulated.

Do I have to fill out the mare card completely?

No, that is not necessary. To this also applies that the only date you need to know is when the mare ovulated. The mare card serves as a resource for your vet in the pre-pregnancy stage.

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