Information about the Filium App

Track your mare’s pregnancy with important data.

The Filium App was created by breeders, for breeders to help support important moments during the mare’s pregnancy. Handy for both the hobby breeder and the professional breeder, who expect several foals in a season involving many different dates.

The Filium App is a tool that takes you from the very beginning, in which the vet starts with the checking and scanning of the mare, until the due date on which you can expect your foal.

A fully digital mare chart, available everywhere.

The Filium App contains a mare card that can be filled in by the vet. Just like on the ‘old-fashioned’ mare cards, the current findings of the vet regarding the mare’s cycle are filled in on the app’s card.. This data is automatically saved and as soon as the mare has been inseminated, it calculates exactly when the next steps in the guidance of the pregnant mare should take place. These dates will automatically appear as a reminder in your calendar. This agenda can also be shared, possibly with multiple owners or stable staff.

For people who use embryo transfer, there is the option to switch from the donor mare to the surrogate mother after insemination.

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What can you do with the app?

When the app is opened, after registration you get the option to add a mare. This contains the name, pedigree, studbook number, date of birth and the choice of stallions, all optional and can also be adjusted later. If the mare is already pregnant at the moment, the date of insemination can be entered and all events for the future will appear in succession in the next field. Have you just started following this mare? Then you can use the mare card.

Multiple mares? No problem!

You can add as many mares as you want. You can also add agenda items yourself. With this option you can not only use your Filium app to track your mare’s pregnancy, but you can also add, for example, your dental appointment, farrier or other details.